‘II’ – Godtet

Album artwork for Godtet’s ‘II’ (image credit: Godtet, bandcamp artwork).

‘II’ is the latest production of Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Godriguez. The album is a meditative journey through rolling soundscapes and grooves, fluidly crossing the line between band music and dance music. A collective of talented artists, including percussion work from Ziggy Zeitgeist of 30/70 and Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, have come together in the studio to produce nine songs that feel organic; in their live shows they have been able to recreate the polished production of the recordings whilst being able to improvise with a large ensemble of seven musicians.

From the powerful introduction courtesy of Max Lush, with ensnaring drums and a haunting vocal sample, to the whimsical Blown Bamboo Pipes and Struck Bamboo Pipes that offer a narrative element of progression to the tracks, the album has a satisfying arc to it from start to finish. The headline track, Enumerating, utilises a freakishly catchy vocal hook with ethereal keys and drums floating in and out as you sway around without a care in the world.

Listen to ‘II by Godtet whilst you stay at home and stay safe:

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