‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’ – The Rhythm Method

Joey Bradley and Rowan Martin of The Rhythm Section (image: huckmag.com)

‘Chin Up, England’, the stiff-upper-lip hook of The Rhythm Section’s 2018 football world cup anthem may be needed now more than ever. Luckily for us fans, the South London duo have released a full-length album and it conjures up as much nostalgia, melancholy and hope as the singles they have previously put out. Bradley’s lyrics take from the full spectrum of straight-talking, no frills musical poets, from the tongue and cheek style of Ian Drury to the spoken word musings of Mike Skinner (who has produced some of their work). He has also developed a form all of his own, and there is something overpoweringly original about the feeling of deja vu felt when listening to the tracks on ‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely’.

The musical talents of Martin underpin the puns and social commentary laid down by his partner. The album draws on a wide variety of genres, from garage and drum and bass, to the Chaz and Dave pub piano and beyond. What lies deeply rooted in this album is an authenticity – the pair have pulled themselves up with their own bootstraps and have created a piece of art that is entirely and exactly what they wanted to create; they have expressed both their desire to produce songs that, ‘a massive amount of people want to sing along to’ and a fear that, ‘we’re in for a lot of hate once more people hear us’. Their hearts and souls come out on this record and each track gives something a little bit different to the listener.

Stay at home and listen the wonderful vibrations of The Rhythm Section‘s 2019 debut album below:

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