‘ZFEX Vol.II’ – Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Album artwork for ZFEX Vol. II

Ziggy Zeitgeist has been leading the project Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange through the incredible rhythms produced behind the drums and a philosophy towards music that is all encompassing. Drawing on his experience at quintessentially Australian dance parties known as bush doofs, taking place in remote parts of the outback landscape (describing them as ‘the playground of Australian music’), Ziggy has cultivated a style of music he has described as the ‘jazz doof’; a style of extended composition that encapsulates the spirit and soul of a DJ set, using the form of building a track slowly but structures with the style and rhythms found in jazz music.

The result of this concoction of musical influences is an album that provides energy and demands it from you – true to its name, it is a free exchange between artist and listener. Jamming along to the percussion laid down by Ziggy are the supple and groovy keys of Lewis Moody, which draw as much from 90s house chord progressions as they do from contemporary jazz and neo-soul; the commanding funk of Matthew Hayes (the man who, after seeing him live, convinced me that you can be as funky without a pick on bass as with one), whose bass playing on the album is sublime and harmonises perfectly with the keys; Erica Tucceri, whose flute sent through effects takes on a new life and gives an added dimension to tracks it’s found on; and Javier Fredes on percussion.

This album has gracefully been given to us in this difficult period and right on time for the weekend. Staying in has never been so good with ‘ZFEX Volume II’ vibrating around the house.

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