‘Floral LP’ – Floral

Tasty abstract Floral album artwork.

Floral, perhaps the cutest band in the math-rock universe (I may be biased as they once gave me a free tape of their second EP when I told them how much I love them whilst they were waiting in line for a coffee), have released their first full length album and, in true lovely Floral fashion, have aptly named it Floral LP and donned the cover with some more wonderful, psychedelic abstract art. It may have been five years since their last release, but Floral are still dependable, and not just in how they name and decorate their music.

The 30 minute long play is a tightly controlled, precisely delivered entanglement of blissful guitars and drums, packaged like gourmet spaghetti in a gift box from Harrods. Although their trademark style is present, both from the cascading guitar riffs and syncopated drums, the songs feel like they have been written for a longer format recording. 2015 (a delightful ode to Marsh Partition from their second E.P.) and 2021 offer interludes that break up the faster-paced tracks that are the bulk of the album, which in turn are more developed than their predecessors on the first two EPs. It took two listens to adjust to this change in pace, but, although noticeably different from their earlier recordings – which one would expect after a break of half a decade – the album still feels wonderfully Floral and gives that same mixture of nostalgia, energy and joyfulness that is so much the trademark of the duo’s music.

Ebullient is our pick of the album, a track that encapsulates all that is special about this band: the overwhelmingly technicality of the music and the deluge of emotion that is experienced listening to them.

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