EM + STAV – ‘Afterglow’

Artwork for the release ‘Afterglow’ on Midland’s Intergraded label (July 2020).

EM + STAV have been pillars of the Bristol music community, in each their own right, for many years now. EM co-runs Mix Nights, started in 2016 by Saffron and Shanti Celeste, working with womxn to develop DJ skills and as a space to share creativity. STAV highlights the abundance of DJs and producers in the collaborative Bristol community as to how the city of Bristol has helped shape his musical career.

Last month saw the release of the duo’s first EP, and it certainly was worth the wait. The four-tracks are the result of a natural progression from playing music at parties to sharing ideas between themselves, resulting in their recent decision to put it altogether into a production. Influences from Bristol’s bass heritage come through on the record, but it is a forward looking record that delivers a fresh sound. The tight production and depth of samples – there is always something special coming just around the corner on each track – coupled with the narrative development in each piece has meant we’ve had it on repeat and can’t get enough.

We’re chomping at the bit to hear it out on a dance floor.

Listen to EM + STAV’s Afterglow below:

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