New Horizons – A Bristol ‘Jazz’ Sound

Album artwork by Patch.D.Keyes

Alas, the sweet release of anticipation no-more – the full release of ‘New Horizons’ is here! Before I begin on the album itself, it is important to note that many of this collection of musicians were the muse for the first Midsummer Groove Festival and we were so privileged to have Snazzback, China Bowls and Waldo’s Gift play at our inaugural event; they will, as a result, be embedded into the spirits of the parties to come. Nights spent in awe of their talent at the Galli, or in the intimate surrounds of The Forge, helped shape the atmosphere we wanted to create at MSG and their music was a constant source of inspiration for the vibrations we wanted to hear at the festival. In a city of relative small size, it is testament to the talent and passion of these musicians that such a distinctive sound and far-reaching community has arisen. This album embodies all that Midsummer Groove aims to achieve: community, collaboration and incredible art. We, of course, cannot forget to mention and thank Worm Disco Club, the force behind this endeavour, who have been promoting talent in Bristol with unwavering commitment.

Each artist has brought their own distinct style to the record, from the post-rock, mathy grooves of Waldo’s gift to the samba-tinged rhythms of Snazzback, there are signatures in every groove of the vinyl. The gloriously gratuitous delights of Waldo’s Gift open proceedings with each member of the trio bringing a tight and immaculate performance. They are followed by the tour de force that is Run Logan Run – there is a primal, guttural spirit that is carved into a relentless, pounding, exquisite composition that leaves you just wanting to move. Things calm down for a beautiful rework of Snazzback’s ‘Flump’ by Ishamel Ensemble, where perhaps the stunning album artwork is best reflected: a delight of melody joyfully tripping over percussion in a dreamy interplay. China Bowls and Snazzback are the perfect pairing right in the middle of the album, with her light yet powerful voice being perfectly complimented by a swaying and surging band on ‘Grook’ and then the two entering a jazz-tango on ‘Yum Yum’.

We are proud to be part of the Bristol musical community and hope to play a bigger role as the years go on, and it is thanks to promoters and artists such as those on ‘New Horizons’ that Bristol is such a wonderful place to live, work and party.

Head to the Worm Disco Club Bandcamp to purchase the download

By Jonny Hobbs

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