New Horizons – A Bristol ‘Jazz’ Sound

Alas, the sweet release of anticipation no-more – the full release of ‘New Horizons’ is here! Before I begin on the album itself, it is important to note that many of this collection of musicians were the muse for the first Midsummer Groove Festival and we were so privileged to have Snazzback, China Bowls andContinue reading “New Horizons – A Bristol ‘Jazz’ Sound”

‘Nice To Meetcha’ – Foshe and Horatio Luna

As a young teenager I always wanted more bass on albums and was overjoyed when I discovered, as a slightly older teenager, dance music and the fact that a proper speaker set up goes a very long way in giving clarity to all the constituent parts of any production. Even still, there are many albumsContinue reading “‘Nice To Meetcha’ – Foshe and Horatio Luna”

‘ZFEX Vol.II’ – Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Ziggy Zeitgeist has been leading the project Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange through the incredible rhythms produced behind the drums and a philosophy towards music that is all encompassing. Drawing on his experience at quintessentially Australian dance parties known as bush doofs, taking place in remote parts of the outback landscape (describing them as ‘the playgroundContinue reading “‘ZFEX Vol.II’ – Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange”

‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’ – The Rhythm Method

‘Chin Up, England’, the stiff-upper-lip hook of The Rhythm Section’s 2018 football world cup anthem may be needed now more than ever. Luckily for us fans, the South London duo have released a full-length album and it conjures up as much nostalgia, melancholy and hope as the singles they have previously put out. Bradley’s lyricsContinue reading “‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’ – The Rhythm Method”

‘II’ – Godtet

‘II’ is the latest production of Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Godriguez. The album is a meditative journey through rolling soundscapes and grooves, fluidly crossing the line between band music and dance music. A collective of talented artists, including percussion work from Ziggy Zeitgeist of 30/70 and Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, have come together in the studio toContinue reading “‘II’ – Godtet”